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Derwent Blackedge Carpenters Pencils Hard (Pack of 12) 34332

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  • Bevelled rectangular 5 ply flat pencil with a 2.5×6.3mm strip
  • Using only quality ghraphite and clay, the Carpenters pencils comes in three degrees – soft, medium and hard
  • Soft (blue livery), medium (red livery) and hard (green livery) black corner stripe and gold imprint
  • The most popular specialist builder and joiners pencil!

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These reliable and practical pencils are ideal for use by tradespeople such as carpenters, joiners and builders. The pencils can be sharpened to a chisel shaped edge, eliminating the tendency of a pointed pencil to follow the grain. They are made from top quality graphite and clay, are comfortable when used frequently and come in a pack of 12.

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